Do you spend time and money on customer acquisition? How about customer retention?

Growing a business is best accomplished by growing the number of customers, but customer acquisition is not the end-all of it. In fact, customer acquisition cost is increasing by the day and it is this reason and a few more that retaining a customer has become all the more critical.

As a business owner you need to know that as much as it is important to focus on customer acquisition, it is equally important to focus on customer loyalty. Simply because it’s much easier to sell to existing customers than attracting new ones!

  • Increasing customer retention rates by just 5% increase profits by 25% to 95%. (Bain & Co.)
  • Attracting a new customer costs 5-25x as much as keeping an existing one. (HBR)
  • Globally, the average value of a lost customer is $243. (New Media & Marketing)
  • The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60 – 70%. The probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20%. (Marketing Metrics)

Thanks to digital channels, retaining customers have become simpler, even those who signed up with you and went into hibernation or purchased once or twice and then completely forgot about it.

But are you on the right track?

Many businesses abandon customers when they stop responding to marketing efforts. Why abandon a customer who has already given you some business?

Even if a customer has not responded for a while, spending on a dormant customer is less expensive than acquiring a new one.

When focusing on customer retention, most businesses do it wrong. Instead of instantly driving sales by going from 0 to 100 from your dormant customers, your focus should be on generating interest and creating engagement.

And this is where an SMS plays a powerful role. Want to know how, read on…

  1. Identify the candidates – which past customers can be the perfect candidates for re-engaging

I’ll contradict my earlier statement here – just because some customer did business with you in the past doesn’t mean they’re worth pursuing. Don’t get me wrong! I’m trying to help you identify your target audience.

Look for signs

  • Customers who have opened your emails/SMS over that past couple of months
  • Customers who have made a couple of purchases

      2.  Make it a two-way street – hold the conversation

Customers don’t just want to know what’s going on with your brand; they also want to tell what they feel. Customers are only human, and humans enjoy two-way conversation.

Make sure most of your SMS marketing is a one-on-one dialogue unique and relevant to the recipient. Use shortcodes and longcodes to receive feedback from customers.

  1. Get personal – create tailored content for each segment

Sometimes the lack of customer activity can be your fault – if you aren’t sending the relevant messages tailored to your audience then the customer has nothing to respond to. Make sure to follow up a customer with targeted messages that add value to their experiences.

  1. Make it easier – don’t make it hard for your customer to shop with you

Personalize the content on your email, SMS, website, social media platforms to make it easier for people to find what they are looking. Use analytics to show them what they might like based on what they’ve brought or browsed in the past. Use short URL to direct them to the purchase page of your site. It’ll save their time and reduce the risk of them looking at your competitors.

  1. Start a drip campaign – give customers a reason to return

To re-engage past customers you need to stay on their minds and what better way to do that than running a simple SMS drip campaign. A drip campaign is a series of text messages that you send over a period of time with only one goal – gaining the trust of your customer and slowly and steadily moving the recipient to action.

While every business is different, starting with one or two SMS per week is a good start and then increase the number as per the analytics and identity trends.

  1. Prompt a purchase – convert a lapsed customer into an active buyer

Customers tend to get distracted, they forget and eventually lapse. Don’t wait for them to make a purchase, prompt them to do it. Incentivize and convert a customer by reaching out to them with timely reminders.

  1. Give them a reason to return – offer them value

You have to give your customer a reason to come back. This can be done in a number of ways but you can start by offering a deal. A time-sensitive deal with an expiry date can work well.

  1. Sometimes people just don’t want to buy — they want to be entertained, informed, or helped

Sometimes you need to overlook the short-term sale and focus on building a longterm customer relationship. Share some suggestions, advice, blogs, articles – content relevant to the customer to build a rapport with them.  Include short URL in your SMS to keep the customer engaged with your content.

  1. Know when to let customers go – ask them if they want to stop receiving your text

If despite your best efforts your customer just doesn’t return ask them if they want to stop receiving your updates. This tactic, you never know, a last respectful and humorous farewell might prompt a response.  

Time to wake up your customers from their hibernation!

Customers don’t owe you their loyalty. You have to earn it – continually. An effective customer retention program gives you the ability to identify, track, and custom promote to those who are most likely to become your long-term sources of revenue.

Re-engaging dormant clients is absolutely worth the investment and with a few strategies in place (mentioned above) and a powerful communication medium (SMS has a 98% open-rate), it is possible to woo them back to your business.

Re-energize stalled customer relations with personalized marketing!

Companies that actively communicate and keep their customers engaged to better meet their expectations are on their way to achieving the prime objective of any customer retention program; greater customer loyalty.

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  • ArturGinskaroff
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  • ArturGinskaroff
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  • ArturGinskaroff
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  • ArturGinskaroff
    1:36 PM, May 2019
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  • ArturGinskaroff
    2:55 PM, May 2019
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  • ArturGinskaroff
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  • ArturGinskaroff
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  • ArturGinskaroff
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  • ArturGinskaroff
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  • ArturGinskaroff
    9:52 PM, May 2019
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  • ArturGinskaroff
    11:27 PM, May 2019
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    paianjen vene indepartate experien?e Salonta varicelor in timpul sarcinii decat vindecarea Clinica varice Ramnicu chirurgia varicelor Moreni http://bitly.com/2Wmy7aL medicamente injectare pentru tratarea varicelor prinvarice medici Corabiatelangiectaziile eliminat ipl Falticenispecialist pentru varice Draganestieat elimina vene paianjen Cluj-Napocacu laser impotriva paianjen vene Sfantu.

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  • ArturGinskaroff
    1:02 AM, May 2019
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    telangiectaziile Stachus Sinaia varice col uterin cura varice mers pe jos varice elimina cu laser Craiova http://bitly.com/2Wpuf90 cu laser a venelor varicoase Bufteascapi rapid de varice in mod naturalelimina vene paianjen Calarasihaine dupa operatia de varicesemne si simptome in varicevarice medici Bumbesti.

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  • ArturGinskaroff
    2:37 AM, May 2019
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    magnet dupa operatie de varice clasica elimina varice, fara op Sighisoara metodele de tratament de varice esofag varice scleroterapie Targoviste http://bitly.com/2Wmubqx telangiectaziile scleroterapie Valenii de Muntevarice Lase Fetestidans la varicose vein surgery costvarice terapie lipitoare Lipovatratarea chirurgical bolii varicoasede ce trata varicele cu lipitori.

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  • ArturGinskaroff
    7:43 AM, May 2019
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    Centru de telangiectaziile Murfatlar Tratamentul varicelor paianjen Targu Frumos 5426 k vit varices varicelor tratarea ucraina laser iasi 5207 elimina varice, fara op Arad varice lipirea rostock Zarnesti 4919 Costul elimina varice Marghita vene paianjen mananca pustiu Odorheiu 2229 terapie val de varice de radio Carei lucerna vene paianjen eliminat Orastie 5745 ca remedii pentru varice naturiste raspuns de tratament varice cu lipitori 7511

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  • ArturGinskaroff
    9:24 AM, May 2019
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    elimina vene paianjen Gura Humorului IPL vene paianjen Darabani 3719 varicocele si varicosity veins in the scrotum spaniola crema impotriva varicelor 5094 terapie val de varice de radio Cluj vene varicoase paianjen Rosiorii de Vede 8560 telangiectaziile Heilpraktiker Baia varice laser Focsani 3109 varice weglasern Draganesti-Olt varicelor terapie undelor radio Cisnadie 7924 varice lipitori Vaslui Tratamentul telangiectaziile Radauti 9431

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    6225 pentru extinderea de ciorapi varice preturi Metoda Chiva varicele Targu Jiu 5231 IPL vene paianjen Braila IPL vene paianjen Corabia 2534 come eliminare verruche genitali ciorap impotriva varice pret 7054 varice elimina solu?ie salina Valea lui Mihai prevenirea varice si tromboza venoasa 9018 func?ioneaza varice Simleu Silvaniei elimina vene paianjen Reghin 5567 unguent eficient pentru tratarea varicelor zauuss impotriva varicelor Boldesti-Scaeni 2191 terapie val de varice de radio Aiud bland vene varicoase Distan?a Zimnicea 7560 terapie val de varice de radio Corabia telangiectaziilor lasere Drobeta-Turnu Severin 8124

  • ArturGinskaroff
    11:33 AM, May 2019
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    intrebari despre varice telangiectaziilor cost cu o schimbare lasere Zimnicea 1118 varice lipitori Oravita ce sunt geluri de varicele hidrostatice 6529 pentru tratarea varicelor varice la 15 ani 5971 efectele de tratarea varicelor laser timisoara geluri pentru tratament varice esofag 9835 origine de ulcer varicos unguente pentru varice Friedrichshain Negresti-Oas 7095 trateaza varicele de la forumuri de picioare Termocoagularea vene paianjen Ramnicu Sarat 8301

    telangiectaziilor lasere Boldesti-Scaeni crema pentru varice aslamed v pret 9615 Tratamentul telangiectaziile Zimnicea varicelor terapie undelor radio Odorheiu 5943 vene paianjen stropi Bolintin-Vale dieta varicose veins treatment at home 8144 ce alimente pentru varice Focsani beneficios del ginkgo biloba para las varices 3889 eliminarea varicelor cu solu?ie salina Sangeorz-Bai bland vene varicoase Distan?a Hateg 7001 unguent pentru varice pe castane salbatice heparina pentru varice 4140 clinica pentru varice Zalau scleroterapie Deva 7580 eat elimina vene paianjen Bucuresti vene paianjen libere eliminat Simeria 9967 telangiectaziile scleroterapie Simleu Silvaniei Centru de varice Agnita 8828 frunze de varza in tratamentul varice telangiectaziile eliminat hautarzt Aiud 2479 eczema varicose pictures medic specialist pentru varice Dragasani 9603 sport pentru tratarea varicelor prin acupunctura telangiectaziilor cost cu o schimbare lasere Salonta 5524 varice Lase Boldesti zauuss impotriva varicelor Pucioasa 8781 ce alimente pentru varice Simleu varice Lase Viseu 7082 paianjen vene indepartate experien?e Braila telangiectaziile eliminat hautarzt Sighetu 1874 varice investiga?ie Orsova hautarzt vene paianjen Targu Lapus

    8657 operatie de varice pe picioare pret 2012 telangiectaziile airborn Cluj-Napoca 8508 telangiectaziile eliminat ipl Bocsa kostenuahme laserele varice Lipova 2393 zauuss impotriva varicelor Deva varice lipirea rostock Marghita 5515 terapie val de varice de radio Vaslui ce se intampla cu varice testicul mai mare 9498 Tratamentul varicelor Odorheiu telangiectaziile eliminat hautarzt Bistrita 1280 tratarea venelor paianjen Harsova hautarzt elimina vene paianjen Navodari 3339 populare metode in tratamentul varicelor vene paianjen pustiu Pucioasa 8245 varice uommen KRANKENKASSE Avrig face tratament cu laser al varice preturi 5452

  • ArturGinskaroff
    7:13 PM, June 2019
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